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Sustainability screening made easy

All in one tool – risk analysis, self-assessment and auditing

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Evaluate at a glance

Collect and analyse data about your entire supply-chain in a cost-effective way.

Get a clear overview and awareness of risks as well as needed corrective actions.

Enjoy a single easy-to-use platform for everyone – both your staff and your suppliers.

Always be up-to-date as we continuously improve and extend the platform to support your sustainability work.

What you gain using Evaluate

Effective supply-chain screening

Screening of sustainability risks based on international conventions and declarations, and cover all sustainability areas: environment, labor rights, human rights, anti-corruption and the governance of each of them.

Risk awareness

Risk analysis, as well as supply-chain audits, including supplier self-assessments and correction plans even in procurement processes.

Adaptation to your business

Questionnaires adapted to your business' needs and aligned with your Supplier Code of Conduct, which assures a systemised and objective assessment. All questionnaires are constructed together with leading experts from our sister company, Ethos International.

Good overview

All screening results are presented in clear graphics and a three-grade scale to easily identify high-risk suppliers. The results are presented both on an aggregated level, and for each supplier in detail.